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Youth Panel January Meeting

During our recent Youth Panel meeting on the 14th of January, the group managed to get 2017 off to a running start.

Beginning the day by discussing the panel’s grand achievements past achievements over the past year, Seyi Matthews, our representative at our corporate partners, LRW Tonic, led the panel through the final steps of their new website.

With Seyi’s guidance and expertise, the panel had a final brainstorming session about the overall design in preparation to launch the site by their next meeting. They made the minor adjustments needed before Alanna, from Digital Comms at ASC, took over to discuss the launch of the new Youth Panel Twitter page and how the group would like to use it going forward. In the hope of engaging with more young people around the UK, the panel intend to encourage other young stammerers to sign up to become Youth Ambassadors via Twitter and join discussions about stammering and how they manage with the common issues they face.

To finish off the day, while ASC’s Chief Executive, Phil, and the panel discussed possible future projects, Alanna took members in pairs to record short interview videos discussing experiences they’ve had with a stammer. As they aim to sign people up via social media to become panel ambassadors and encourage them to air their views, it’s important to ASC that young people decide which of the issues they’d like to discuss.

Overall, another successful day. We hope to meet again at the end of March.

Panel member, Jo Allen, said this about the day:

“Saturday 14th January marked the first meeting in 2017 for the ASC Youth Panel. We met at the new offices of our corporate partners, Tonic, in Shoreditch. Although some of the Panel couldn't make it, we worked hard alongside Seyi at Tonic, and Phil and Alanna from ASC to develop a social media strategy, and further plans for a school’s campaign, both with the aim of raising as much awareness as possible of stammering amongst children. It was a very productive day, with active warm up exercises enjoyed by all! The Panel will meet again in the next couple of months and look forward to continue to develop and work on awareness-raising ideas.”

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