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A Warm Welcome to our New Youth Panel Members

​ASC’s mission is to transform the lives of young people who stammer, and so we believe that they should be at the heart of everything we do. In October we set up our Youth Panel to give young people who stammer a voice on the issues that matter to them, and give them the opportunity to have their say on what ASC should do to help more young people. After the initial round of recruitment, the panel consisted of 10 great young men aged between 12-21.

Now after a second round of recruitment specially for young women, we now have 5 new members of our Youth Panel, who all talked passionately in their applications about why they wanted to join.

Alex, aged 13 said she joined “to make decisions to help people to understand what it is like to have a stammer and how to cope with a stammer.”

Maya, aged 19 said “I am committed to helping people who have a stammer, and can apply my drive and enthusiasm to the Panel.”

Emily, aged 18 said “I think that raising awareness of stammering through campaigns is equally important in reminding young people that they aren’t alone, and I think social media campaigns are great in this way as they can reach so many people”

Becka, aged 19 said “I really want to raise awareness of stammering because not many people know a lot about it. I want to tell who stammer that they can do it!”

Sami, aged 16 said ”Joining the youth panel would be an utterly amazing experience for me as I really want to help bring a voice to others that stammer and ensure that no one else ever feels that they are the only one that has to deal with this in their everyday lives”

We are so excited to announce our new members on International Women’s day and to have a panel who are a representative voice of young people who stammer.

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